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Things to Remember When Renting a Car in Ireland

A lot of people consider Ireland as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This is why thousands and thousands of tourists flock in this place all year round. This destination has many things to offer, from amazing countryside sceneries to great pubs. So if you are thinking of traveling out of the country soon, but you don’t know where to go yet, you must consider going to Ireland.

Most visitors join group tours because they can simply sit back and relax while roaming around the place. They won’t have to worry about driving either. But for some, they prefer renting a car in Ireland. It’s because they want to visit different places at their own pace. They also won’t have to follow a strict itinerary or schedule.

Here are things that you should remember if you prefer car rental:

Take Note of Your Arrival and Departure Schedules

First of all, you should know your arrival schedule as well as your departure before contacting a car rental company in Ireland. It is also essential that you know where you are landing. Take note that there are five international airports in the said country, so you should carefully check your flight ticket.

Once you know your schedules and location, you can start reaching out to the different agencies that offer car rental services.


Determine the Length of Time

Next, you have to determine how many days you will need the car. If you plan on staying in Dublin, then renting a vehicle might not be necessary. But if you intend to visit the countryside, then you will definitely need to rent an automobile.

When contacting an agency, you must tell them the number of days that you will be renting the vehicle. This is also a factor that will be considered when calculating the cost.

Pick a Vehicle Type

Another thing that you have to consider is the right type of vehicle that you need. If you are traveling alone or with a couple of friends, then a sedan may suffice. But if you are with your entire family, then you will have to book a bigger vehicle such as an SUV or van. Make sure that you will have enough space for your luggage too.

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Request for Quotes

In order for you to find the best car rental deal, it is highly recommended that you request for quotes from various agencies. See to it that they also show you what is included in the price. Does it come with insurance? How about airport surcharge? It is essential that you ask for a price breakdown.