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Reasons to Become a Travel Agent

The good thing about becoming a travel agent is that you do not require any special training to get a job that allows you to travel across the world. The following are some reasons to become a travel agent:

Travel like a billionaire

travel agent It is true you are broke, but as a travel agent, you have an opportunity to travel the world as a billionaire does. You can consider it as a lifestyle rather than a career. In fact, you should not expect a great pay. However, no other industry offers you an opportunity to travel across the world more than a travel agent. On a regular basis, you can get free trips to luxurious resorts sponsored by resorts and hotel companies.


As a travel agent, you will be paid as on commission. Ideally, you are a salesperson. Your work is to recommend various things such as hotels and excursions. Thus, you will get paid a particular percentage of your bookings. It is advisable to become an independent travel agent. This will allow you to enjoy huge commissions.

No experience required

Remember that every person can easily become a travel agent. Unlike a real estate agent where you are required to pass several tests to prove that you know your stuff well. However, it can be an added advantage if you know these such as basic geography and history, but no skills are required.


It is a good idea to develop your travel niche. In any case, you are not an encyclopedia of knowledge about the whole world. Therefore, successful agents choose a particular specialty. You should focus on African safaris, trips to Sweden, or cruises. You can also specialize in honeymoons or destination weddings. Over time you can narrow down.

Traveling is part of the job

mapUsually, travel agents go for familiarization trips to update their knowledge and learn about various features in their territories. You want to try nearly everything to sell to the clients. Thus, you can sleep in the hotel, eat the food, and even get massage therapy. You will need to visit several hotels and resorts in a day. This is because you are working and not on vacation. You have no time relaxing on the beach or sleeping as if you are on a real vacation.

The above are some of the top reasons to consider working as a travel agent. The reasons are many as there are benefits.